FORPPIN Shower Head Vitamin Aroma Filter Cartridge - Lemon

Upgrade your Forppin Showerhead Filter with the new Forppin Vitamin C Aroma Filter Cartridge and turn your bathroom into your own personal spa!

Experience clean jet stream water combined with the goodness of vitamin C in your chosen aromatherapy scent with this newest add-on. Filled with antioxidants that are good for the skin, the Forppin Vitamin C Aroma Filter Cartridge will surely leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth. Try it out and feel an enjoyable and relaxing shower like no other!

To install, simply replace your existing Forppin Head Filter with the Cartridge Pack. Each disk is filled with scented Vitamin C that is automatically dispensed with each use of the Forppin Showerhead. Replace every 30-45 days or less depending on the frequency of usage.

How to Install?
Step 1. Make sure the water supply is turned off. Remove the sealing tape on the Forppin Vitamin Aroma cartridge.
Step 2. Turn the circular head of your Forppin Shower Head to open. Remove the existing inner circular filter together with the rubber gasket. Keep gasket for future use with the Forppin Regular Filter.
Step 3. Insert the Forppin Vitamin Aroma Cartridge, horizontal ridges facing up. Put the new rubber gasket that came with the cartridge on top then replace the shower cap and turn to close and tighten.