Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I use uPang?

  • Wash items to be sterilized as you normally would.  Shake off excess water from the items or dry items for a bit before putting inside uPang racks.  Close the door then select your desired sterilization function.  After the elapse of required times, take out the baby bottles or store them for convenience.


What items can be sterilized?

  • Aside from baby bottles, you can sterilize almost everything including toothbrushes, gadgets, cutleries, toys, teethers, remotes and plastic containers.


What is uPang's difference from other sterilizers?

  • uPang uses Philips UV lights to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  Each unit is equipped with 2 UV lights.  uPang also makes use of the Infrared Technology to dry items being sterilized.  Through infrared, uPang is able to create a controlled drying temperature of 40C.  This ensures items being sterilized will not be overheated (ie. Plastics will not melt or get deformed). 

  • Compared to other sterilizers, uPang is very economical in terms of electrical consumption.  It consumes only 20-35W of electricity.

  • In terms of size and weight, uPang is also more compact at 290mm x 320mm x 380mm, 4.35kg.  This means easier storage, and the good thing about it is that its interiors remain to be spacious and can fit an average of 12-14 bottles depending on size plus accessories.

  • Both UV lights are also located on the top so cleaning its interiors would be easier.  Interiors are made of high quality super mirror stainless steel and a high reflective glass panel to ensure 360 degrees of UV light reflection and penetration.

  • uPang is also U.S. FDA registered and is certified by 6 other health organizations in the world.  It is also the first company to get the European S Mark approval.


What are the functions of the three buttons?

  • Auto (40 mins): Commonly used for products that need to be dried and sterilized such as baby bottles, dishes, cups, etc.
  • UV Sterilization (10 mins): Used when drying is not required.  Usually used for sterilization of dry objects such as mobile phones, toys, teethers, remote control, etc.
  • Ventilation (10 mins): A natural ventilation system that removes odor and bacteria.


How do we know if the cycle is complete or how many minutes to go?

  • There is no need for a timer because uPang automatically shuts off once it is done with the sterilization process.  Time of sterilization depends on function pressed.  


Can uPang remove smells too?  Does it have a deodorize function?

  • uPang has a dedicated odor removal through its ventilation function.  Both the Auto and UV button function automatically transition to the ventilation function after completing its sterilization cycle.  Should you want to do another round of ventilation function, you can do so by pressing the Ventilation function so it can run a dedicated cycle.  This function is also the one that removes the odors associated to milk.


Can I store the items I sterilized inside the unit after running the sterilization cycle?

  • Yes, you can keep the items inside the unit for storage.


How do I clean my uPang unit?

  •  Gently wipe the interiors of the unit using a wet warm towel then followed by a dry cloth.  For more information, please check your user manual.


Do I have to change the UV lights and infrared bulb?

  • Yes.  UV lamps as well as the infrared bulb are consumable parts, thus, it is recommended that you change it at least around 12 months or earlier, depending on frequency of usage, to ensure UV lights remain efficient enough to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria.


When should I change the UV lights and infrared bulbs?

  • UV lamps are suggested to be changed every 12 months or earlier, depending on frequency of usage.


Where can I buy the replacement set?

  • For now, replacement sets can be purchased directly from us.  Each boxed set contains 2 UV lights and an Infrared bulb. 


On what voltage does uPang run on?

  • uPang is especially created for use in the Philippines with 220V/60Hz to ensure a longer appliance life. 


What is included when I purchase a unit?

  • 1 Upang main body and filter, 1 stainless steel basket, 1 stainless steel shelf, 2 UV ray lamps, 1 infrared ray electric lamp, and a user manual.  Accessories like the toothbrush holder is sold separately.


How do I purchase?  

  • You can purchase through our website.  Simply follow the prompts to create an order.  


Do you have a shop?  

  • Right now, we are online based but uPang will soon be available in selected branches of Mothercare outlets. 


Do you have warranty?

  • Warranty period is 1 year starting from the date of purchase/date of delivery (whichever is applicable).  The warranty service covers all factory related defects and excludes consumables.  You need to show us the item receipt for merchandise bought from our retailer partners.