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Say goodbye to conventional steamers and discover how to sterilize the easy and safest way today with uPang Plus+

Sterilize, dry and deodorize with NO water needed.  Use uPang to sterilize almost anything including baby bottles, toys, cellphones, remote controls, and even make up brushes!

uPang Plus+, the next generation of UV sterilizers, only from uPang, Korea's #1 UV sterilizer brand.



3D UV Sterilization

With its powerful 3D UV Sterilization technology, there is zero dead spots inside the unit - an important feature especially for large capacity units.  Symmetrically arranged Dual Philips UV Lights rotate to ensure UV lights reaches all surfaces!

Dual Drying System

Uses a combination of Infrared & PTC Heater for maximum drying power.  It dries at 40C, the optimum temperature for drying to ensure no overheating, plastic deformation or leaching.

LED Timer with Voice Assist

A dot matrix display shows operation cycle & remaining time outside the door.  Voice guidance is also available.

Ultra Spacious Design

The uPang Plus+ has a large capacity designed for your everyday needs.  Its spacious interiors can fit 16+ bottles together with accessories!  Its size is also perfect to accommodate your kids' large sized toys!   

Storage Mode

A perfect feature for busy moms - you can now leave sterilized items inside the unit with no more worries!  Items inside the unit are sure to remain sterile as this feature automatically sterilizes for 2 minutes every 3 hours.

Dual Door Design

Has an inner door and outer door for added protection.